Elective modules. Elective modules are those offered by departments to students from outside that department. Departments identify non-compulsory modules within each of their programmes that a student may replace with elective modules. The number of modules that may be replaced in this way cannot normally amount to more than 40 credits.


Basic scenic course module 1, 12 credits Perspectives on the artistic process, module. 1, 6 credits. Termin 2 Elective courses, 7,5 credits.

If your programme permits elective modules to be taken then you should refer to this document only to help you select them. I think electives are associated with university education rather than school education. At schools, in contexts that I'm familiar with, pupils choose subjects rather than courses. At the university setting that I'm familiar with, within the course (=subject) that you are doing, there are elective modules. Whether you are an experienced dancer looking to widen your horizons or someone with 2 left feet, Dancesport is one of the best NTU elective modules fit for everyone with an ear for upbeat Latin fiesta music. Master the different forms of dances like Rumba, Tango and Waltz and learn about the origins of these dances. Elective modules are modules that fall outside the subject area of your programme of study.

Elective module

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Respondents: 8. Answer Count: 3. Answer Frequency: 37.50%. 1. Information och inflytande / Information and  ELECTIVE MODULES 1 KOK110, ELECTIVE COURSES 2 KOK200 COURSE MODULE DESCRIPTION Sound Art: listening, resonating,  Elective modules.

After having completed the series of nine compulsory modules students who wish to continue the course can choose three elective modules: ONE elective module from Biblical Studies and TWO from Biblical Exposition or TWO from Biblical Studies and ONE from Biblical Exposition.

Studiehandbok 2020-2022. Elective module. Elective module.

Elective module

Elective Posting yang tersedia : Acute Coronary Syndrome & Heart Failure Module · Advanced Life Support Module · Applied Clinical Pathology For General  

Elective module

Parts of a course which allow students to specialise by choosing those components which are most relevant to their present job or to their career  You choose a language elective during your module choice period in the same way as you choose your other modules.

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Elective module

Elective Modules is offered to all Secondary 2, 3 and 4 NA/NT students. The objectives of the Elective Modules is to help students extend their academic’s learning, expose them to Science and Technology related courses and widened their knowledge of the various career paths in various industry to prepare them for post-secondary education.

We also open up these  This is an elective course in the Master's Programme in Education with International and It is also offered as a single course (module). Schedule module - What happens if my electives overlap? What counts as a disability?
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Depth of study relative to the degree requirements: First cycle, has only upper-secondary level entry requirements. Externally elective for: A3, 

Termin 4, 30 hp. It leads to a certificate and can be taken as an elective in Semester 4-6. A module is a collection of courses of varying size and length grouped together around  yale module 2 I tested using the Z-Wave module … timetable clash with your preferred elective module, please find another student who is  Each module combines a variety of material and exercises, including docudrama, case studies, additional reading and self-assessment quizzes, providing the  Varning!

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Please check the relevant examination regulations to determine whether a module is classed as a compulsory, elective compulsory, or elective module in your 

Instruction. Module 1. Language Structure, 4  90L54609 Qualitative research: Principles and practices is intended for students of Aalto-BIZ doctoral program as an elective module of Common Core Studies. The course comprises three modules. Module 1 Thematic elective. Students study a demarcated area in the field of history from a thematic perspective or as an  Course module, Credit distribution, Examination dates. Sp1, Sp2, Sp3 TKDAT COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING, Year 3 (elective) Master module: Elective course - (AICG) Artificial Intelligence Programming for Computer Games.

Bodies of Care: Elective module autumn 2020. Respondents: 8. Answer Count: 3. Answer Frequency: 37.50%. 1. Information och inflytande / Information and 

The course is available for students of all degree programmes. Elective in LDA-C500 Cognitive Science module. Elective in LDA-MA500/MB500  Change which year's curriculum to search.2020–2021 (ongoing)▾. Filter the results. Course units (4030)Study modulesDegree programmesDegree educations  Modules 5 and 6 are elective forms of a literature and culture course, with American and British focus respectively. Instruction.

EMs are modules that will enhance data professionals’ skills. Nevertheless, in industrial context a data professional need not to be an expert on all of the modules available in EM, hence it is elective based on the user’s daily tasks/responsibilities. 2020-10-16 · “The Elective module was developed as a direct response to requests from our customers to be able to easily view essential demand and capacity data across systems, on a regional basis.